The Residence

Right in the middle of the terraced land lies the main house with 8 fully renovated heated sleeping rooms which can be reserved as double or single rooms.


Every room has an ensuite bathroom. The interior design is kept uncluttered with elegant simplicity. All rooms are individual in character and shape but all share the same features. Each bed is fitted with memory foam mattresses for your sleeping comfort. We have two room categories as rooms are slightly differing in either size, view or private terrace. The rooms are located so that they provide privacy for all participants. Four rooms have separate entrances from outside and four rooms with an entrance from the living room.

Communal areas

Living room

The living room is very much the center and heart of the house. Everybody can eat together in a cozy atmosphere around the big table. The room has a front opening up to the patio and features a sitting area in front of the window with a fireplace.


The kitchen has the traditional Portuguese style but with latest technology oven and cooking equipment. There is also a traditional wooden stove which creates a wonderful warmth, especially in the colder season. The kitchen is also connected to the outside patio. A separate outside cooking area with sitting place is currently under construction.

Swimming pool

Under Construction

While the lower part of the land is kept for food forests, as well as vegetable gardens and wild nature, the upper half of the land opens up the pool area. The planning for the swimming pool is done and we are waiting for permission to build it. The 15-meter long pool will allow to have a real swim. Around the pool will be a chill-out area with sun beds planned. Until the pool is finished our natural water tanks invites for a jump in and a refreshing cool down.

By walking a small path uphill you will arrive at Bodhi studio, which is used as yoga shala or for any other group activities. It is 50 sqm building with a breathtaking view over the hills and you can see to Portugal’s wild West coast in the distance. The shala is equipped with yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, and belts. Meditation cushions are provided as well. In front of the shala stretches an even bigger wooden platform, which can be used for all outdoor activities. Beamer and chairs can be arranged.

Bodhi Bhavan can be booked either self-catered or you can opt for full catering with yummy, fresh, healthy, organic and vegan/vegetarian food provided by our local chef Lisa of deLisa pure food.

Natural spring water (with lots of healing qualities) comes directly out of the mountain and is drinkable straight from the source. 

You can also use the services of several local massage therapists who work with us.

An impression of the Residence

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