Be part of Bodhi Bhavan & support of nature

Being more part of nature has always been one of the major aspects why we fell in love with Bodhi Bhavan. And our fascination for nature and the joy we receive continues to nourish us. For this reason, we put from the beginning a lot of intention in the garden and the cultivation of permaculture principles in form of a food forest.

Staying on the ground of Bodhi Bhavan can also be used to become more aware of the natural principles and where our food and water sources come from.

At Bodhi Bhavan we are dependent on the water from the mountain source. Next to growing our own food we also intent to create our own eco system through permaculture, so that we get the most out of the water we have.

From our first intention to create a food forest until today, we managed to plant around 300 trees. We are thankful for the helping hands and the plant donations from our visitors. And as well thankful for the support & vision from the experienced permaculture gardeners, Sandra & Michael ( food_forest_design).

We learned how joyful it is to plant trees together and to follow the growth from year to year. To really see how they need to root down before they get bigger is fascinating and inspiring for the wisdom of our human development.

We have people visiting us each year and are enjoying the development of their own planted trees. For some it´s a general support for nature as they are living in cities. For others the tree gets a symbol for an important event, person, or topic in their life. There might be various reasons but the happiness about the tree and its beauty is all in common.

Your support is welcome

If you feel attracted being part of our food forest project and the rewarding principles of nature, you are welcome to join with your individual contribution. Your contribution will lead to a tree which will be planted, connected to the water system as well as continuously taken care of.

An estimate cost for planting:

Small tree or bush: € 35,-
Medium sized tree: € 75,-
Bigger tree: € 115,-

Any donation is welcome