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Bodhi Bhavan was created with the intention for the visitor to find ground, to dwell and be at home in their own true wisdom.

Bodhi and Bhavan are both Sanskrit words reflecting the purpose of the place. Bodhi means the illuminated, enlightened or awakened mind. The Buddha obtained enlightenment under a Bodhi Tree, a sacred fig tree. Bodhi also refers to the perfect knowledge, truth or wisdom.

The word Bhavan is reflecting some of the key qualities of our place and ground. Bhavan derives from Bhavana which means home or residence as well as ground and dwelling. It also translates into existence, a place where something grows. It signifies to imagine something, bringing something into existence and teaching.

Bhodi Bhavan was created with the intention for the visitor to find grounding, to dwell and be at home in their true inherent wisdom.


The residence is fully renovated providing 8 charming and simple double rooms, a living room, kitchen and terrace. Every bedroom has a bathroom ensuite.


A little higher on the land is 50 m² studio / yoga shala for classes, workshop and presentations with large window doors for a stunning view. Next to the studio is a 100 m²  terrace for outside activities.

Swimming pool

The refreshment of the water together with the stunning views over the area makes the pool a very good place for the body to rest and for the mind to expand.

Land & Gardens

The ca. 6 hectare ground amazes with it’s natural stone terraces from old agricultural times, large shading trees, and stone boulders. It feels very spacious and has enough corners to be by yourself.

Apart from our beautiful Bhavan there is much more to explore…

Surrounding areas

The area is offering spectacular views and is great for walking. Nearby Monchique is a very quiet and relaxed town and is characterised by lots of narrow cobbled streets. The Algarve south cost beaches are only a 30 minute drive by car.