Welcome to Bodhi Bhavan

A retreat center for yoga teachers, coaches, martial arts teachers and everybody else looking for a beautiful workshop location.

Located on mountain Picota in Monchique with amazing views over the Northwest side of Monchique and stunning sunsets and sunrises. Peacefully embedded in the magical nature of Algarve’s second highest peak with walking trails located around the retreat venue. On more than 6 hectares of land, your group is protected and everybody can find a peaceful mystical spot to rest. Natural spring water comes out of the mountain on different locations. Some of the water is stored in open natural tanks which provide welcome refreshment on hot days and invite for a refreshing dip in.

The ground has a strong energy supporting any practice of self exploration and peacefulness. It is a great place for deep rest, healing as well as centering yourself in clarity and finding your inner strength.

Bodhi Bhavan welcomes yoga and coaching groups or any other groups dedicated to contemplation and exploring new perspectives within themselves. It is also a haven for companies to brainstorm, come up with new initiatives and strategies and to find fresh visions for their organization.

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