Land & Gardens

The approximately six-hectare ground impresses with its natural stone terraces dating back to the traditional agricultural use of the property.

The garden has many fruit trees like fig, apple, orange & apricot, as well as palms, cork oaks, and medronheiro (strawberry) trees. Trees and terraces are interspersed with rock formations shaping and softening the structure of the land.

We are incorporating permaculture principles on our garden terraces, realized by the inspirational Alentejo Food Forest. Food forest is the art of bringing the plants/trees together in forest like patterns in order to create beneficial and supportive relations between them. A forest garden connect trees, bushes, herbs, flowers and vegetables in order to make the territory productive in the best way. The local climate, soil profile, the water and the ground is all in tune with each other. It is a living community of plants, animals and mushrooms. Also the human being is included; when a garden forest is providing its user what they need, it is complete. We planted the seeds that our ground can grow in that direction.

On the land there are lots of hidden spaces and quiet spots to inquire within, meditate, rest and simply enjoy nature while offering a vastness that permits the soul to expand. Buddha statues and a water Devi are placed around the land to protect and support us. We are waiting for Ganesha to arrive who will find its home near the studio. 

Natural spring water comes directly out of the mountain and is drinkable straight from the source. The water from Monchique is especially known for its healing quality due to its high Ph value. At some spots the water is collected in old agricultural water tanks. The mountain water is the only source we have and it is a good opportunity to open up the awareness of natural resources.

An impression of the land and gardens